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Icebug Overshoe

Icebug Overshoe

Unisex Shoe

$ 28.95

The Icebug overshoe is a full rubber sole that slips over your studded Icebug shoes, covering the sole and the studs.  It protects sensitive floors from being damaged by the protruding studs. It is not intended to be used for long distances.  

Caution:  The overshoe might be slippery on wet floors.

Sizing is to fit US Men's Icebug boots with BUGrip.

Women's boot sizes converted:

  • 5.5 - 7 use overshoe size 4/5.5
  • 7.5 - 9 use overshoe size 6/7.5
  • 9.5 - 10.5 use overshoe size 8/9.5

 Note: For use with running shoes, please select one size smaller.

Technical info